1. Mongolia

Today, many anglers agree this is the trip of a lifetime. Fly fishing in Mongolia has become a true dream for many since the day a group of anglers started to catch taimen on the fly. The size of these mouse-eating predators, the big numbers of lenok trout and grayling, the incredible landscapes and also the authentic way of life of the locals make this a different and rewarding experience in the life of a fly fisherman.

Here's a list of cool operations: 

2. Patagonia

Classics are classic for a reason. Patagonia is home to some of the most beautiful trout spots on the planet. You can find the largest sea-run brown trout in the deep south of Argentina and also rainbows, brookies and browns in "regular" sizes (the standard is pretty darn big over there) if you visit Northern Patagonia!

The number of rivers, lakes and streams in the Andes is overwhelming; and the guides, outfitters and lodges have high quality standards:

3. Alaska

Alaska is a sure candidate on every angler's bucket list. The number of fish species and its endless opportunities guarantee anglers from all over the globe an unforgettable fishing adventure.

There are many different fly fishing and lodging options, as you can see on this list:

4. Mexico

Tarpon, permit and bonefish! Mexico's gorgeous waters are home to the Grand Slam species and many others too. That, together with its great beaches and fantastic food, make it the ideal destination for the holidays, and the whole family can come along.

Here's a list that will make everybody happy:

5. Belize

The beautiful white sand flats, open waters and vegetated lagoons of Belize hold a large range of species. In this saltwater paradise, not only the Slam species but also the barracudas, snappers, snooks and diverse kinds of jacks will take our flies.

Here are several operations:

6. Bahamas

Endless crystal-clear flats and big bonefish combined with fine lodges where families can spend cool vacations make the Bahamas one of the preferred destinations for saltwater anglers from the US and the rest of the world.

Take a look at these options and find out why it's better in the Bahamas:

7. Iceland

Thanks to its breathtaking landscapes and healthy runs of Atlantic Salmon, Iceland has earned the reputation of being one of the finest destinations to visit nowadays in Europe. As if that were not enough, you can find incredible brown trout and Arctic char fly fishing!

Here you have a list of guides and lodges:

8. Slovenia

You've probably seen those gin-clear rivers and those wonderful marble trout already on the Fly Dreamers wall. In Slovenia there's also lovely grayling, Danube salmon and even pike in some areas.

If you need to start planning this trip, here's a list of local guides that will come in handy:

9. Canada

Whether you're looking for destinations to catch steelhead, Atlantic salmon, huge brookies and several other species in some of the world's top lodges, Canada has got you covered.

Here's a long list of spots and services you can find in order to plan your next fly-fishing trip in Canada:

10. The Seychelles

Tired of seeing those massive beasts called GTs all over the Internet instead of actually going for one?

Get some heavy rods and lots of backing, here's a couple of solid options for you to fulfill your saltwater dreams:

And here's the Travel Directory in case you're looking for a different fly fishing trip in any other spot of the planet: