Fd: How did you first get into fly fishing and tying?

I have been fishing since I was six years old, my father always took me along when he went fishing and that is how I got into it. Then, later on in 1996, I took up on Fly Fishing because of a friend of mine.

Fd: Who were your main influences regarding fly tying? What made you get so into caddis pupas?

In the beginning I always fished with flies that I bought, and sometimes with flies that I had received as a gift from other fly fishermen. I found that the success rate with the purchased flies was not that great. Often times, the gifted flies were better.

Then, in 2015, I saw a fly tier on Facebook that I absolutely wanted to get some flies from; he tied Caddis Pupa. So I wrote to him and asked him if he would sell me some. But he was so arrogant that in the end, I did not want to buy him the flies, and so I decided to tie better flies myself.

My absolute biggest fly-tying idol was Davie McPhail, which I found on YouTube. He really inspired me. The Caddis Pupa was my favorite pattern from the very beginning. I love it!

Fd: What tips can you give to the beginners that want to tie flies like you?

Practicing. Practicing. And practicing again and again. And also watching videos that inspire you.

I tend to look at a real Caddis Pupa and try to make it as realistic as possible. I always pay attention to shape, color, feet/legs, proportions and wings.

Fd: Can you tell us about fly fishing in Germany? What other countries have you visited for fly fishing?

I fish in almost all German waters, but mainly on the Agger, Lenne, Sieg and Wupper because they are close to me.

Germany has beautiful rivers with good fish stocks, with species like grayling, trout, barbel, salmon, sea trout, nose and chub, as well as many others. So it never gets boring. It's also beautiful to be out in Nature.

I've also been fishing in Denmark, Belgium and Luxembourg. Other countries are still to come!

Fd: Where can we get your flies?

Well, I sometimes sell my flies on request and usually I fish them myself or give them away to friends. You can find more about my flies and myself on my Instagram (guido_s_flies) and Facebook (Guido’s flies) profiles.