1. Tune Up Your Gear

Many of us fly fishermen postpone this moment from season to season. Maybe now it's the right time to sit down and start cleaning those lines and reels, rearrange the rods, throw away or gift the unnecessary gear (a very hard test for some!).

2. Read

It's always hard to find the time to chill and read a book. There are great works about fly fishing out there you can even find online! Whether you're looking for tips, fishing stories, info about destinations or interviews with the big names in fly fishing, you can find them all here: https://www.flydreamers.com/en/library

3. Watch Videos

Fly-fishing vids are all over the Internet, we just can't find the right moment to watch them. Now you can connect your big screen and turn up the volume to one of these great videos of our Library (fly-tying tutorials included!): https://www.flydreamers.com/en/videos

4. Tie Flies

Filling up the boxes and learning new patterns is a great and useful way of spending these quarantine days. You can find step-by-step tutorials for dry flies, nymphs, streamers, poppers and more right here: https://www.flydreamers.com/en/fly-tying

5. Plan Your Dream Trip

Planning the perfect fly fishing trip takes time. You need to choose a destination, find the right guide/outfitter/lodge, contact everyone for details, crack the numbers, get the gear ready and a lot more. Well, you can check some of these steps using our own Travel section, here: https://www.flydreamers.com/en/fly-fishing-travel-directory

If you are a guide or a lodge owner, you can use this time to set up your professional account in our Travel section. You can write us to to info@flydreamers.com if you need help, and we can also schedule a Skype call in order to see how we can advertise your services to our audience for the next season!

6. Share Your Experiences

If you have a great story you've been telling to your buddies on each fishing trip, maybe now you can share it with the online fly fishing community by putting it down to written words. You can also post a fishing report, put up some pictures of your trips, share your favorite fly, etc. here on the Fly dreamers community section: https://www.flydreamers.com/en/community

Stay home, stay safe!