We add the Skagit Max Long, the Skagit Max Short VersiTip, and the Skagit Max Long VersiTip to the arsenals of spey anglers. All additions utilize RIO’s ConnectCore technology with ultra-low stretch cores for the best in casting and angling performance.

The Skagit Max Long is an extended Skagit head designed to cast large flies and the heaviest sink tips with ease. The head is between 27ft and 30ft in length (depending on the size) and ideal for Spey rods of 13’ 6” and longer. Available from 500 grains up to 750 grains, these heads retail for $54.95 and include both a front and back welded loop as well as the Easy ID system to quickly identify the head weight.

Containing a 20 foot Skagit head the Skagit Max Short VersiTip is ideal for Spey and Switch rods of 12 feet and less and is available in sizes between 400 and 525 grains. The Skagit Max Long VersiTip is available with a 27 to 29 foot head length in 525 grains through 650 grains.

Both Skagit VersiTip options include the relevant Skagit Max shooting head along with a balanced set of tips to cover changing fishing conditions. In addition, an appropriately sized ConnectCore shooting line is included, to present anglers with a single package that has everything a spey angler needs to get on the water. Both VersiTip product offerings retail for $159.95 at any RIO dealer.