The week started off like a dream with Grant Mackenzie winning the tussle against a 109cm GT early on the first morning. As the week progressed the big GT’s were definitely around and more than often than not winning the battles with at least 5 GTs over 100cm hooked and lost for various reasons. In total a very respectable 76 GT’s were landed even though the last 2 days were almost a total wash out due to very windy and rainy conditions. Once again a combination of GT’s, Triggerfish and Bonefish all caught on the same day allowed for Keith Clover, Trevor Jacobs and Grant Mackenzie all to achieve “Flats Grand Slams”. The average Bonefish size continues to amaze guests and guides alike with fish being hooked and lost in the 10 lbs range. After a long and tricky fight David Powter managed to land one of the biggest Bones of the season, weighing over 10 lbs. The shots at Permit continue with the odd fish following but still no eats. Will it happen next week?Tight lines from the Astove Atoll Guide team.