Michael and Joe Brooks—the great-nephews of the late Joe Brooks—developed the original idea for making this film on a river in New Zealand. Both Michael and Joe are avid and accomplished fly fishers. They have known for a long time about their uncle’s iconic stature in the fly-fishing and sporting world. But they were surprised to learn that his story has never fully been told.

As they began researching the story they realized what a powerful impact their great-uncle had on the sport. They also began to realize that his story transcended the world of fly fishing. The Joe Brooks Story will inspire anyone to pursue his or her dreams with passion, and uncompromising excellence and values.

Their vision for the documentary

In his 71 years Joe Brooks lived three lifetimes. From his privileged youth to a broken alcoholic to one of the most revered sportsmen of his time, Joe’s life is as complex as it is inspirational. Few people manage to change themselves in any meaningful way. But Joe did and, in doing so, he changed the world.

To appreciate Joe’s impact on the world of fly fishing, it is important to understand the man who spent his life sharing his passion with anyone who would listen. To document his extraordinary tale, the Joe Brooks documentary team will capture the story of Brooks as told by the friends and family who knew him best on the very waters that Joe loved most.

Few knew Joe prior to his successful years as an outdoor writer. Delving deep into Joe’s troubled past as he struggled to find his way will offer insight into the man who is known and loved around the globe. Joe’s addictive personality nearly killed him, but it’s that very flaw that fed his obsession with fly fishing.

Production locations will focus on pivotal moments in Joe’s life and include Maryland, West Virginia, Florida, Montana, Cuba and Argentina where interviewees will share their stories of Joe while fly fishing the waters he made famous. Shot and mastered in 4K Ultra HD the camera
team—lead by Emmy-award-winning cinematographer John Benam—will capture the beauty of the locations both domestic and abroad.

This feature-length documentary will be produced and edited in the style of character-driven short films which have gained popularity online and on the fly-fishing film tour. Blending his inspiring story with superb visuals, the project will offer viewers fantastic fishing adventures while learning about the man who changed himself and the world of fly fishing forever.

About Joe Brooks’s bond with (film-ambassador) Lefty Kreh

Lefty Kreh was a protégé of Joe Brooks and was one of his closest friends. Joe was one of the key guiding lights in Lefty’s career. He opened doors in both the outdoor writing business as well as helping Lefty become the manager/CEO of the biggest and most prestigious fishing tournament, the Metropolitan South Florida Fishing Tournament—affectionately known as the MET—in the 1960s.

Lefty has fished with and taught fly fishing to thousands of people throughout his career, including many of the most famous names in modern history, from Ernest Hemingway to President Jimmy Carter to NBC news anchorman Tom Brokaw. Lefty is one of the best known outdoor writers and photographers and has many awards for fishing to his name. He was named Angler of the Year by Fly Rod & Reel magazine in 1997. He was given the Lifetime Achievement Award by the American Sportfishing Association and a Lifetime Contribution Award by the North American Fly Tackle Trade Association. Lefty is enshrined in three fishing Halls of Fame. He is also famous for creating Lefty’s Deceiver, one of the most productive and best known saltwater flies of all time. Today Lefty Kreh is considered a living legend of fly fishing and a global ambassador for the sport.

For more about Joe Brooks’ documentary, please visit joebrooksdocumentary.com

Release: Father’s Day 2018.

And here’s the trailer. Enjoy!