I'm the author of a children's fly fishing book published in 2018, and a favorite of lots of folks in the fly fishing world and beyond. It won the AFFTA/IFTD Award for Best New Entertainment and Education Product that year. It's the story of a boy, his mom, and his grandfather spending the day fishing at a cherished spot, shared for generations. There are illustrations of nearly 80 unique flies on the endpapers, and incredible illustrations by April Chu. There is also backmatter, information about the sport, about conservation, about tackle, and more. I hope folks will check it out and share it--and hopeful engage a new generation of anglers in our sport, as well as creating a whole new crop of stewards of our resource, the waters where fish live. And if you're already a fan of the book, please share your enthusiasm with others who may not know the book. It's available through any bookstore (many that are closed because of COVID19 are still fulfilling orders, and they can get the book quickly if it's not on hand), many fly shops, Amazon, and other online retailers.