Fd: Where is the lodge located and why has this area become so popular in the fly-fishing world?

Punta Allen Fishing Club:
Our lodge is located in the village of Punta Allen close to the water : about 150 meters from the lagoon and 150 from the beach. Punta Allen and the Ascension Bay area is one of the best hot spots for permit and to make a Slam, (grand or super grand). In 2015 we declare the Village as the “permit capital of the world” with a minister of tourism, the municipality of Tulum and the government of Quintana Roo. We also put in the village’s park a big sculpture of a Permit that is 4 mt, long and 3.5 mt hight and is handmade in pure steel by the Italian sculptor Alberto Coppini.

In the same time we start a big tournament the “Ascension Bay Permit Tournament”. I think that all of this also contribute to let this area became so popular in the saltwater fly fishing world.

The catch of the permit is relatively easy, cause once hooked you just let it go and run. There is no coral or rock in the bay, and this is also another reason. Other place (Belize for example,) the range is 6 or more fish hooked before to land one cause the coral bed and rock on the bottom.

Fd: What else can you tell us about fly fishing for permit in this area?

PAFC: 99% of the fishing is on sight-fishing, you will see the fish you are fishing. 80% of the time and as the condition allow, the guide and the fisherman will pursuit the permit on wading and this is very exciting. You move close to the fish keeping walking and cast sometime to a permit that is just 5 meter from your rod’s tip. This mean that you will see all the action, while the fish follow the flies and when they eat them (one of the most exciting things you can do with your shorts still on, hahaha).

Fd: What other species can we expect to catch in Punta Allen?

 Permit is the fish!!! But there are plenty of bonefish, jack, tarpon, snook, ladyfish, snapper, barracuda, shark, bluefish.

Fd: What kind of gear should the anglers take for these waters?

This is not an heavy duty destination, so you do not need “the big berta”, usually 9 ft with 7 line for bones, 8 line for permit and 9 line for tarpon snook and barracuda are a good choice.

You need bigger rod (10 ar 11) in the summer months when migratory tarpon are in the area. In this period hook a fish over 50 kg is not uncommon.

Fd: What about the flies?

 All the selection of Enrico Puglisi Flies are the best (most of the flies of the Ascension bay series Enrico tied with us at the lodge). In addition the Raghead crab, mantis shrimps, veverka shrimps, in different sizes work well for permit and bonefish. About the tarpon and snook, the Enrico Puglisi flies pattern in color chartreuse, black and purple are very productive. But the black death with black rabbit strip in one of the guide’s favorite.

Fd: How is the lodge in terms of accommodation and facilities?

Our lodge has 5 comfortable rooms with A/C and hot water. Our lodge is (clients opinion) the nicest place in the village. Our Palapa roof (typically Mexican) is the big one in the village and we are the only lodge with open air restaurant on the first floor. We are also well know for the quality of the restaurant (just for our client). Our client will eat fish in several receipt such us Ceviche salad, carpaccio, fried and over the grill in a garlic bed. In season (from November to February) we serve as well Lobster from the village’s fishermen.

Fd: How does one get to the lodge?

Mostly of the client will land in Cancun International airport and we organize all the rest.
We do provide transfer by private van or by van and boat when the road conditions inside Sian Ka’an biosphere are too bumpy.

Fd: What is the fishing season over there?

 We start our season 10 of November until mid-august.
Even if there are fish all year round, November and December excellent for bonefish, snook and baby tarpon, January to end of march is very good to fish for all kind of fish. April to end of may is excellent for big tarpon, big permit and thousands of good size bonefish on tailing.

Fd: How long before should anglers contact the lodge for reservations?

 Usually the best is to try to set the booking with at least 5 month in advance in order to hold the best period and to give us the possibility to organize all in the best way. We do prefer small group of about 4 or 6 fishermen in order to give the best quality and service.

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