The long-awaited documentary about Joe Brooks, one of the biggest names in the history of fly fishing, has premiered on the Outdoor Channel (USA) with glowing reviews some months ago and is now available online for everyone to watch (click here).

The Joe Brooks Foundation for Conservation and Outdoor Education, a non-profit organization created by nephews Mike and Joe Brooks to keep Joe's legacy alive, has also opened the opportunity of running screenings of the film all over the world.

The contributions of these fundraising events will be used by the foundation to support the efforts of non-profit organizations working in the world of fly fishing to advance the sport, engage the next generation of fishermen and preserve fish populations and water resources.

This is a great opportunity for fly shops, outfitters, guides, fishing clubs and organizations to bring members or clientele back during those periods of the year where the fishing is simply put no good and maybe business is quiet. This is great for you all the while being a tax deductible charitable event to help our beloved outdoors.

If you’d like to know more about how to run a fundraising screening, please follow this link: Go.

To know more about the Finding Joe Brooks documentary and the foundation, click here: Go.

And, in case you haven’t yet seen it, here’s the trailer of the documentary: Go.