not long ago I was fishing a stream at the wolf creek hatchery center for rainbow trout and I had a small box of dry flies and was fishing with no luck but was having the best time of my life anyway I ask this guy what flies do the fish like in here and this guy comes over and gives me 2 BH prince #18's and they still had the bass pro sticker on them so the guy (real nice dude) starts talking to dad and I thank the man and tie one on and as soon as the fly hit the water about 10 trout chased it and I was so happy so I cast again and a little 6 inch trout hit it and I had him I showed my dad and the guy my first trout of a fly and I let him go (I love to catch and release) and after that I got another one at about 9 inches and after that I was hooked on fly fishing I went and got me a fly rod not long after