I have been fishing from the 18th of july – 23rd of july. It was a great trip and im gona write little bit about it and show you some pictures. We started on the 18th of july and our beat was lower Hraun. We had great conditions and were able to hook few brown trouts on dry fly and that was exactly what we had hoped for. On the afternoon shift, the wind started blowing like crazy. I went out to fish but my friend from Ireland who was fishing with me said that i was crazy fishing in those conditions. I manage to hook and land 2 brown trouts in that “STORM” so it was all worth it.

On the 19th we fished beat 1 and 2 on my local river. The beginning of the morning was perfect. No wind and fish rising. We parked the car and thought “now its dry fly time”. As we got dressed in our waders we could see fish rising fairly constantly. I told my friend that he should get that fish. After a few cast he got a perfect drift and bang! We were able to see that char and it was BIG! We try to be modest when guessing sizes of a fish so we say that fish was around 60 cm but probably he was bigger. After many runs and hard fight the Artic char had beaten the fisherman. We were able to land few fish that morning on the dry fly so we were happy about that. On the afternoon shift the river went brown. It had been over 20 degrees all day so it was very difficult we still manage to land 2 nice brown trouts that afternoon.

We fished the whole day on the 20th and the morning shift of the 21st on Presthvammur beat in Laxá in Aðaldalur. That beat can be amazing for dry fly early in the morning and late in the evening when there is often no wind. We were rather unlucky as we did not get those condition often. We manage to get some very nice fish on dry fly but other fish were on streamers and nymphs. My friend from Ireland told me that these trouts were the very best fighting fish he had experianced and he has fished all over the world. I agree with him on that 100%.

On the afternoon of the 21st of july we went over to Lónsá and fished there in the afternoon. We fished there also on the 22nd and morning shift on the 23rd. The conditions were difficult. It has been hot last few days and no rain so the water level of the river was pretty low. We manage to find deep pools though were we found fish. It also helped that sea-trout were coming in so there were fresh fish on the lower part of the river. We manage to get few fishes on dry fly. The most memorable fish for me has to be the fish i got on a dry fly with a 25-30 meter cast. I do not usually cast that far when fishing for dry fly but i had to. There were rising fish on the far bank and no way to cross over. I took my chances and made a long cast. A fish came up and took the black klinkhammer. I reacted but he didn´t hook. I told my friend i probably had no chance of catching that fish as there was to much distance between us. The time it takes for me to react and that to carry through all this line and into the fly were just to much. My friend told me to cast again so i did. A fish game to my fly again and took it. This time i manage to hook it. I didn´t believe it. I soon did as the fish took a huge run. I was holding the line in my left hand and suddenly i could feel the line burning and cutting through my skin on my fingers. Thats how hard he run out with the line! After an epic fight, i was able to land this fish. Everything about him was amazing and i will remember this fish for the rest of my life. My friend ended the trip with a bang when he landed a 62 cm brown trout. That was monster brown trout. We had good times in Lónsá. Hooked many small sea-trouts and few good Artic-char and brown trouts. Now a great trip has come to an end.