Fd: Where did your love of making watercolors of trout come from?

: I moved to Dillon, Montana, a fly fishing paradise, and a friend asked me for fish and landscape paintings for a beautiful little fishing cabin that overlooks Clark Canyon Reservoir. That was my introduction to the trout and waterways of Beaverhead County. I found out I love trying to capture the iridescent sheen of trout in watercolor.

Fd: What are your favorite spots nowadays?

Carol: Beaverhead River is very popular here in Dillon. There are lots of hatches, the water is cool and clear, and it's a small, intimate river with beautiful scenery around it.

Fd: Do you have any advice for those who are just starting to combine their love of fly fishing with painting?

Carol: Look at lots of trout. Layer the colors, pay attention to details that need to be correct (mouth size, tail shape, location of spots), and have fun!

Fd: Where can we find your works?

Carol: You can find my trout in Dillon at Anderson and Platt Outfitters and at Dillon Flying Service at the airport. Yellowstone National Park also carries my Yellowstone Cutthroat Trout at their gift shop in the Lake Hotel.

Fd: Where can fly-fishing fans purchase your artwork?

Carol: You can contact me at cmcmurrain@att.net for prints or original watercolors!