Fd: Can you tell us how the idea of setting up a fly fishing guide service in Iceland came up?

As soon as I started fly fishing I knew that I would like to do that in the future. I wanted to be on the riverbank as much as possible. So when I
guided for the first time I realized that I enjoyed helping other people catch the fish of there lifetime as much as me catching them myself. That's when I knew I wanted to do this for a living.

Fd: What are the main differences between the fisheries in Iceland and other trout and salmon destinations?

All our water is private so when you buy a permit to a beat or river you can be sure that you will be the only one there.
Nobody will be fishing the best pool in the river except you. Also all our fishes are natural, wild, and not stocked. Our fish tend to be big and heavy fighters.

Fd: What are the average catches a client can expect? And what are the best fish you have seen in your waters?

This is a difficult question. Everybody who fish knows you can have good days and bad days in fishing. But what you can expect is private water with BIG fish. The nature in Iceland is great so it's a nice scenery.

But just to give an example of this year fishing. Our best tour this season for trout gave 24 trout in 6 hours, all between 50-69 cm. But I would say that 8-12 trouts for a 12 hours of fishing would be an okay day of fishing. For Salmon it is difficult to say. I would say average of 1-4 salmon a day. We have seen many Salmon around 100cm this season so that is a fish of a lifetime.

Fd: During which months is the season open over there?

We start the 1st of april fishing for Sea-Trout and they can be big! Brown trout season starts in 1st june and char often in beginning of july. Salmon often starts in some places in june but most often the first good runs comes in july.

Fd: What kind of fly-fishing gear should anglers take?

For trout and char it can be rods from #4-7 weight and for salmon and sea-trout it can be from 6-8 weight single hand rods and sometimes double hand rod or switch is needed.
Floating line and sometimes you need sink tips. I recommend that you buy your flies here in Iceland.

Fd: What are the top 5 flies that should be included in our boxes?

There are many good flies. Red and Black francis for salmon, sunrays, snælda, ect.
For trout and char the best flies are Icelandic patterns in streamers and nymphs. But also classic like P.T., Peacock and Hares ear.

Fd: What is the programme for a typical fly-fishing day?

The fishing shifts are from 7:00-13:00 and later shift early season in 16:00-22:00 but after 10th of august it change to 15:00-21:00. But the client can choose if he wants to start later or stop earlier. Often we start fishing at 8:00-13:00 but it is up to the client. We will find out the tempo we think is best.

Fd: How is the lodging in terms of accommodation and facilities?

The lodging can be different based on the rivers. Some rivers dont even have a lodge so we will set up and find the right accommodation for the client. But the lodge can be from very basic up to luxury if that is what people are looking for.

Fd: What else should anglers consider before doing reservations?

If you book the trip with us we will handle all the arrangements, so you just have to pack your bags and come over.

Fd: Why should every angler fly fish in Iceland at least once in their lives?

Well, because our fish are wild, natural, and not stocked. We have great nature, great rivers, huge fish, good service and an amazing experience.

Fd: Any other advice for those visiting your destination?

I advice people to book trips with us. We know for most people this is a trip of a lifetime so we put our heart into those trips. We organize these trips so dreams may come true.

Find more about Maddi and contact him directly, here: Travel.