Fd: Can you tell us a bit about the origins of fly fishing in your country?

There are lots of interesting and uncommon species for fly fishing in Czech republic besides typical brown trout, rainbow trout, grayling and brook trout. It is worth to mention first of all the chub and the barbel, which can grow up to the valuable sizes and live in the rivers with average–speed current. One of the favorite species is pike, as well as other predators as the perch and the asp.

Fd: Why do you think every fly fisherman should visit your destination?

Every anxious angler is curious about new fly fishing destinations, am I right? ☺ The Czech republic can offer a great fly fishing rivers (and even a few lakes) together with the high–quality services for affordable prices and many attractions for whole family. The capital Prague belongs to the most favorite places of tourists from all over the world as well as another sightseeing spots as castles and medieval towns, which are situated very often on river banks.

Fd: What can you tell us about the famed Czech techniques?

Properly speaking, I am not so big fan of this unique technique, because it’s a fishing under the rod top with heavy flies, simply searching for deep–standing fish in every hole on the river bed. And although the czech nymph technique is very successful I miss the real fly fishing, as for example, long casting with dry fly can offer.

Fd: Is fly fishing popular with the younger generations over there?

The most common fishing method in Czech republic is a traditional carp fishing with boilie. Some people fish for predators with spin rods. However as far as fly fishing the young generation is getting involved into it year by year more ; perhaps I could compare it with golf. According to my suggestion just approx. 10% of anglers use the fly fishing rod, not more.

Fd: During which months is the season open over there?

Our rivers and lakes are divided into two categories: trout and non trout. Those trout ones are opened between April 16th and November 30th. Non trout waters are opened for fly fishing through the whole year. The problem could be a license, especially that for non trout waters, because due to some kind of bureaucracy it’s not easy to obtain for foreigners, so I usually ask my clients to manage it with my help before.

Fd: What kind of fly-fishing gear should anglers take for a week over there?

I am sure that #4, 9 ft rod with floating line on one spool and fast–sinking line on a second spool would be enough. The common trout river width is about 50-100 ft and the average fish size is up to one pound, though there are always some “monsters”, 2 feet long in deep pools. For my clients I usually provide all tackle including waders.

Fd: What are the top 5 flies that should be included in our boxes?

Klinkhammer special, Czech nymph, Goldhead caddis larvae, Muddler minnow and Pheasant tail.

Fd: How's the programme for a typical fly-fishing day?

Below is and example:
6am – meeting at the hotel, transfer to the fishing place (approx. one hour)
7am – registration for fishing permits
7:30 to 11:30 – fishing on the on first “hot spot”
12:00 – lunch
13:00 to 16:30 – fishing on the second “hot spot”
17:00 – transfer back to Prague

Fd: How are the lodging options?

In Prague there is a number of different hotels, from hostels to 5 stars superior. On the other hand accommodation on the river is more simple. Czech food and beer are delicious and nourishing, plates are huge, so it's not necessary to worry about being hungry or thirsty. ☺

Fd: How long before should anglers contact you for reservations?

 I am a fishing guide “freelancer”, I am not connected to any water and can choose the best one for any specific situation. Usually my clients stay in Prague and all fishing trips we make from Prague. Sometimes anglers want to spend one night close to the river, so I arrange an accommodation in a suitable area. I recommend to contact me especially during high season at least one week before arrival.

Fd: Any other advice for those visiting your area?

Perhaps it is worth to mention what should anglers have on the river. Clothes and accessories: waders, boots, vest, two pair of long socks, polarized glasses, hat or cap. Tackle: rod #4-5, reel with two spools, fly line 4-5 AFTM floating and fast sinking, tapered leaders, fluorocarbon leader 0,15 – 0,20 mm, scissors, landing net etc. Flies: goldheads, caddis larvae, wet flies, streamers, dry flies as Klinkhammer etc. Of course I can provide everything except thermal underwear and socks, but some anglers prefer to bring their own equipment.

For further information you can contact me and I would be glad to answer any questions, right here: Contact.