Fd: How did you get started in fly fishing?

I got started at a young age in fly fishing. Mostly fishing for bass in local lakes and canals. I then got away from it for a while and really did a lot of bass fishing with conventional gear. I came back to fly fishing probably 15 years or so ago and passion is as strong as ever for the sport.

Fd: How did fly fishing became a steady job for you?

I am a full time fly fishing guide in South Florida, mostly fishing out of Everglades National park. I started guiding 8 years ago and I have steadily built my business to cater towards fly fisherman. It is still something I can’t get enough of on a daily basis!

Fd: Please tell us more about your guided trips in the Everglades National Park.

 I guide mostly in Everglades National Park with also some some bass/peacock bass trips in the northern part of the Everglades. The Everglades gives you the most variety of any saltwater destination I can think of. There are so many different species to chase on any given day.

The best part about it is you can go days with out seeing people because the park is so big. I do a lot of tarpon fishing in the Everglades. I can’t think of another place on the planet that has tarpon available almost year round and in every size. It is hands down the best tarpon fishery around.

Fd: What about redfish on the fly?

The redfishing In the Everglades is still very good. We lost a lot of sea grass over the last few years due to poor water management. That has taken a hit on there habitat but there are still plenty of redfish to fish for in the Everglades.

Fd: What is the recommended gear for these trips?

 I like using 10-11wts for the bigger tarpon I fish for. These fish could range from 30lbs-100+lbs. For everything else, I like using 7wt-8wts.

Fd: When should clients visit you to fish the prime time?

 The peak time to fish on the Everglades is between March and October. That’s typically when our cold fronts slow down and the weather is more consistent. The other months are also great but a little harder to predict the weather.

Fishing overall is great year round in the Everglades, a lot of it is based on the weather. That’s why I like to have people fish multiple days when they come.

Fd: How long before should they contact you?

I usually book up my spring season by the first of the year. My busiest months are from October to June.

Fd: Any other words for those visiting you?

I would say the most important thing is to practice casting. It is far more important to be accurate at shorter distances (30-50 ft) as oppose to being able to launch a cast 100ft.

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