As a seasoned Montana fly fishing guide, I am frequently asked questions about fly tackle, fly rod reviews, reels and rod and line combinations. A client called me recently and said he wanted to buy a new fly rod for his next Montana fishing outing and that the rod I lent him last spring on the Madison was what he had in mind.

"What fly rod and line combo do you fish with?" 

Kyle asked recalling that rather breezy day last spring on Montana's' Madison River. My initial reply was "My buddies that I'm fishing with that day" he laughed and I went on to answering him honestly.

My main rod for fly fishing around southwest Montana, and the rod I lent my client that spring day, is a Sage 9'6" Z-Axis over-lined with a 7 wt weight forward Rio Grand fly line. Over-lining means to use a line weight heavier than the manufacturer's suggested line weight. The reel was a boat floor beaten a Ross G series with line grooves in the frame that should be replaced but still holds line and works fine. Read the rest at Fishtales Outfitting blog.