Flyfishing season opening in Slovenia

In Slovenia the flyfishing season starts on 1st. of March. But on 1st. of March only few rivers are open for FF. Those are: Sava, Savinja, Radovna, Rižana… Other rivers like Idrijca, Soča, Unica, Kokra etc opens on 1st. of April.

Anyway me and my friend  started flyfishing season at Sava River (Fishing Club Radovljica).  It was quite warm and sunny day, water level was low, but it was perfect for some nimph fishing. We used some small nimps like Tommy nimph and I tell you, we had crazy flyfishing that day.

Fish was hungry and we were  catching them one after another. It really suprised me that we mostly caught graylings. I think we caught about 30 graylings in a few hours, few rainbow trouts and one brown trout.

So we started FF season successfully. Welcome!