Fd: How were your beginnings in fly fishing?

 -Mother Like Daughter- My parents taught my brother and I the basic skill set of fly-fishing with a single handed rod from the age of around five and we moved onto double handed rods when we were eight. If it hadn’t been for my mother’s passion for the sport, I highly doubt I would be doing what I do today.

Fd: You’ve gone for salmon in Norway, bonefish in Belize, and many other fish from all around! What is your favourite species to catch and why?

-Tarpon Fever- You take your stand at the bow of a skiff and look right to left scanning the ocean for long dark shapes cutting through the water or rolling on the surface. When your eyes finally fixate on one and it starts swimming towards you, your legs turn to jelly as you prepare to cast at the illusive shape. More often than not if you put your fly in the right place they will increase their speed and suck in your fly. The way tarpon acrobatically spin, shaking their heads from side to side – there is no fight like it. For me the bigger, faster and more powerful the better!

Fd: What are the destinations that you still dream about?

 -Need More Fingers & Toes- There are too many to count on both hands (and feet). I would love to fish the Indian Ocean - the crystal clear water and sunshine really does appeal to me!! They have bluefin trevally’s which are my favourite saltwater fish, not because of it’s strength, but more it’s beauty. I am planning a trip to Christmas Island in the first half of next year so I will keep my fingers (and toes) crossed!

Fd: What would you say to someone who's thinking about visiting the UK for fly fishing?

 -Buy British- You can cast a fly in all sorts of mysterious and wonderful places here in the UK; we have lakes full of monstrous carp and pike, idyllic salmon rivers from north to south starting at the bottom of the country in Devon all the way to the wilds of Northern Scotland. We have small meandering streams filled with wild trout at each and every corner of the country.

Fd: Everybody’s talking about the London Fly Fishing Fair! What can you tell us about this upcoming event?

 -Don’t Miss It- Boi am I excited about this event… This is LFFF’s first year and everyone who is involved are confident that it will be a real hit. LFFF gives the opportunity for non-fishing and fishing individuals who live in the big smoke to roll out of bed and jump on the tube to the Business Design Centre to indulge in everything FISHING. In saying that it isn’t a hardcore fishing event that only fishermen are welcome, there will have tons of shops offering a range of country products from shooting, fishing, dogs and outdoor wear. If you haven’t tried fly fishing yet and want to give it a go, there will be tutorials and private lessons, so please pop along and get involved.

P.s. it’s on the 10th & 11th March, bring your children, husbands, wives and friends – Tickets on sale now, please visit: www.thelondonflyfishingfair.co.uk/book-a-ticket/

It’s going to be GREAT!

Fd: Do you have any advice for those who are just getting started in fly fishing?

-The Simple Things- To start up all you need is a rod, reel, line and a few flies - nothing fancy. One will discover that the more time you spend on the water the more you spend on your kit, but that is up to your own discretion – you have to be careful, it is a highly addictive passion! Wherever you are based in the UK you are always a stones throw away from a fishery whether it be a lake, river or sea. Google is our best friend, so use it.

-Perseverance- This particular trait makes you come back even after a blank day in the rain. When I started fishing every weekend I focused on my casting, not so much on catching. When your casting comes together like a puzzle your confidence follows. Fishing is for people from all walks of life; the young, the old, the disabled, females and males. It doesn’t matter where you come from or what you do fishing brings us together and we as a community welcome, share and appreciate it with everyone.

Fd: Any message to the girls that haven’t yet tried fly fishing?

-Don’t Be Afraid To Ask For Help- If you’re wanting to give it a go and you are too nervous to figure out what the first steps are find someone who fishes; maybe a friend, boyfriend, friend of a friend and ask them to take you out and show you the ropes – once you are confident and can stand on your own feet the world is your oyster thereafter. Good luck and tight lines ☺

Fd: Have you got any future trips or projects planned?

 -Watch This Space- I have a few hosted trips in the pipeline for 2017 including Belize with Line Girls at the end of October and BC either at the beginning of September or beginning of October (TBC). I am in the process of unraveling what 2017 has in store for me and it's all looking very exciting.

I sit my Level 2 Coaching Exams with the Angling Trust in February. If you would like to book a guided day with me next season on the River Test or Itchen please visit: http://marinagibsonfishing.com/available-fishing/ and pick a date!

Fd: Lastly, what makes fly fishing so special for you?

 -Escape Route- As I work 5 days a week I savor every minute of the weekend. I am a terrible person to be around on Sunday evening! I spend my weekends doing what I love the most; being outdoors, fishing, discovering new places and new things about the fish I catch. When I bought my car 3 years ago I have been fishing every weekend, I can’t think what it would be like to not have fishing in my life, it would kill me.

- Thanks a lot, Marina!