Driving through the backcountry of Slovenia and avoiding the highway for the majority of the trip I was awestruck by the sheer wildness, grandeur and splendour that nature offered. Following the contours of the Julian Alps as we navigated from East to West it was not unlike being engulfed by its limestone spears as they towered over the scenery and absolutely dominated the horizon. My host, Vagabond Fly Adboard Member and mate, John Zerihoun, describes the Slovenian nature as unchanged and unhindered by man; roads, towns and even bridges have been moulded around nature and it has been allowed to encroach on what we would term as civilisation. It became apparent that man has embraced the power of nature in Slovenia and slowly, over time, will allow it to take back ground lost to development.

The rivers we fished ranged from mere mountain streams to large rivers meandering their way to the ocean – these were as wild and untapped as their surroundings and I often found myself simply sitting down in an attempt to absorb the scenery I am so ill-equipped to describe in print. I steadfastly believe that by simply being in those environs that my soul has been forever altered and so has the course of the path I have been treading for the past 30 years.

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