Having missed out trip to the marshes of Louisiana due to my friends back injury, he booked three days in January.  Weather there in January can be pleasant or chilly, not this year it was cold.  Our first day was canceled due to wind and temps falling later on in the day made the next day a tough start.  Day two was cold in the 30s to start and water temps in the low 40s making the fish slow to react but warming up.  As we knew the first few fish were lethargic and slow to even move to the fly.  The guide, Capt'n Greg Dini of Flywaters Expeditions, suggested a long ride in tough seas (for a flats boat) but a flat surface for the ride home.....YES let's go.  So after about an hour or so of some pounding we came to the area only to find the water cold as well but warming up as we started fishing.  Well the move was totally worth it, within 15 minutes we hooked up and from then on it was none stop action with big redfish.  We saw hundreds of black drum but they won't eat so not even one cast was made.  The fishing was so good Capt'n Greg joined in and it was triple hook ups for what seemed like an hour.  Big black/purple crab flys were the ticket as well as chartreuse, floating lines on 9 and 10 wgts rods completed the outfit.  Day three was colder still, overcast and windy.....we started out but knew it was going to be a short day.  So after a few hours we called the trip and considered the whole trip outstanding due to that one great day of fishing.