President Obama blocked oil and gas drilling in Alaska's Bristol Bay through executive order Tuesday. And, in a rare show of cross-aisle agreement, the state's Republican senator and incoming energy committee chairwoman says she's OK with the decision.

Bristol Bay in southwest Alaska is home to half the world's sockeye salmon population and hosts a vibrant commercial fishing industry. The area has seen battles between the fishermen and industry over a potential copper-and-gold mine, the Pebble Mine, which the White House decision does not affect.

Sen. Lisa Murkowski said she is "not objecting ... at this time" to taking the 32.5 million acres known as the North Aleutian Basin Planning Area off the table. "I think we all recognize that these are some of our state’s richest fishing waters."

The White House said commercial fishing in Bristol Bay generates $2 billion annually and provides 40 percent of the nation's seafood.
"Knowing our world-class fishing grounds won’t be opened to offshore drilling gives us certainty and helps us grow economically sustainable communities," said Norman Van Vactor, chief executive of the Bristol Bay Economic Development Corporation.