Northern Patagonia Argentina fishing season have almost seven months throughout you may experience different type of wheather, waters as well as fly fishing styles, so having the right information will be the first step to achieve a successful trip.

Early season usually expose a colder and windy climate combined with the highest water levels of the season due to late spring rains and snow thaw. Although weather conditions may not be the perfect ones, fishing is great! and we will be able to fish some seasonal waters that won't be possible later on the season, like the Caleufu River. This will be a perfect time to fish our own bank with dries and nymphs in small creeks and streams; while streamers with a sinking tip line will be the choice for most of the time during float trips.

Between late December and late March you will find the drier weather in Noth Patagonia; being late February the time when rivers reach their lowest level. As water warms up and its level decrease, we will need to head our fishing strategy on more oxygenated and faster waters, using longer leaders and thinner tippets.

Late fall will carry the first late season rains and the weather gradually starts getting cold again, however, you should consider this late season time if you are a serious fisherman in search of big fish!

Northern Patagonia Argentina features some natural phenomenons wich make the experience amazing. Fishing the minnows migration in the the lower section of Collón Cura River, enjoying a one-of-a-kind Riverside Camp or wading the lower Caleufu River between mid February and late March will be breathtaking. During January up to mid February main focus will be on the willow worm hatch, which mainly takes place at the Alumine River and will make your adrenaline rise up to unthinkable levels as well as hopper time in the lower Chimehuín River. Later in the season, by end of March, Brown trouts start their spawn migration; great time to head your trip to the Limay Medio River in search of a trophy brown trout!

Finally, if you enjoy Lake Fishing, Northern Patagonia has some very interesting options between late November and late February. Tromen Lake as well as Lolog Lake might be great options to include in your trip itinerary, between others.