Hello everyone, my name is Flavien Malemprée, I live in France in Normandy near the landing beaches of the second world war.

I have been a passionate sports fisherman for more than 30 years and I have been fishing for trout, pike and marine fish since my childhood.

For several years the European sea bass is the fish that I am looking for the most in France, Europe and wherever it is possible to catch it.

Four years ago I started writing a book (in all modesty) on European sea bass fishing, available in French version since December 2021 under the title of "Le Bar à La Mouche", in English version under the title of "Sea Bass On the Fly" available for sale since December 2022 on all online sales platforms.

All the funds raised by the sale of the book are entirely donated to an association for the protection of aquatic environments which participates in the protection of migratory fish such as salmon, shad, eel, sea lamprey and the common sea bass of Europe.

To tell you a little about the book, there are many technical sheets and advice to approach fly fishing for sea bass. Friends and personalities recognized in the world of fly fishing in Europe did me the honor to participate in this project: Franck Ripault, Colin Macleod, Philippe Dolivet, Vito Rubino and Laurent Kieff. The photographs and drawings were provided by the artist Romain Dieul. All of them brought a philosophical and artistic touch.

See you soon