Trying to book a fishing trip to Patagonia for a Singapore angler, without having a booking agent in between must have been something at least weird and most probably “daring”. Well, not for Ambassador Baharudin…

When we received his first enquiry directly through our website contact form, we encouraged ourselves to be as much responsive and detailed as we could be, but also keeping our usual friendly way and warm welcome instead of strict formality.
His kind reply didn’t take long and after a couple of e-mails exchanged, he was ready to book and sure of what he was expecting.
Ambassador Baharudin and his wife Yeo Bee Yan´s kindness and joy made of their 1st trip in December 2017 a wonderful experience and time for us, too. We felt proud of deeply sharing with them our authentic life style in Patagonia, as well as enjoying the magic of our environment at these latitudes together.
For their 2nd trip in Dec 2018 we were excited to welcome our friends Zul and Bee Yan again !!!! It was just great to have them back and we already miss them.
We thank Ambassador Zulkifli Baharudin for always trusting us from such long distances and for allowing us to share with the Fly Dreamers´ community his thoughts and experience…
“Anglers are a demanding lot. We search the corners of the earth for the biggest fish, the most catch, comfortable weather , epic landscapes and gastronomic meals on fishing trips. Yet, what keep us coming back is precisely reminiscing the day when we lost the big one , when the weather makes the fishing impossible and most often, the frustrations and the sheer unpredictability of it all.

To my wife and me , San Huberto stands out for having the range and diversity of river systems that challenges, accommodates and teases just about every angler ; that makes a week passes away far too quickly. There is plenty to do just about under any situation. The same river can change suddenly to present the angler with astonishing results. Perhaps, it is this challenge and unpredictability that make many like us addicted to the Malleo.

Over the years, we have found that our time away from fishing to be equally compelling. Just roaming and observing the rich and diverse Patagonian natural and animal habitats have become a reason in itself to want to keep coming back. We have been privileged to have the chance of seeing the gauchos at work and joining them at asado lunches. This is how we now enjoy Argentinan beef at its best.

Perhaps, our personal joy and thrill is best enjoyed when we now find time to mingle with Ronnie Olsen and his family during cocktails and dinners. When you seek and find the way to open their hearts , guests will soon get immersed into their lives and discover the best that San Huberto has to offer ; hospitality and friendships that will last a life time. We came to San Huberto as guests but now return as friends and family !

Our most difficult time at San Huberto is when it is time to leave. It was always an emotional time. We have now learnt not to say goodbye, certain that we will be back yet again.

Such has been our experience there, a bucket list fishing trip that has turned into a place for solace , peace, reflection and above all a home away from home.

Ambassasor Zulkifli Baharudin and Mrs Yeo Bee Yan”