After a few years the world with a few trusted friends we returned to pustertal , the river that we have chosen is the Ahrfor one of the most beautiful places in Italy and perhaps in Europe for the environment , the rivers and the beautiful fish, especially for the beautiful grayling, brown trout and marbled. It had been two hard days only cold temperatures, the river and the fish cooperated in a positive way. 

Council to those of you who will come to Italy and visit us, with a warning periods when the river is fishable not many March, then the water of snow makes it not fishabl , then September October and November.

They were two days of good company and satisfying. The best technique that has made it catches was with two nymphs weighs a lot and the second smallest in size 14-16 pheasant or Redtag , the first size 8 tungsten 4mm. On Sunday we stopped to fish around 12.00 for a big snowstorm . The return home, 450 km was quick reliving the beautiful catches made ​​.