Continuing to expand the use of its revolutionary ConnectCore technology, RIO Products, manufacturer of lines, leaders, and tippet, adds two new advanced sub-surface lines to the InTouch lake series.
The InTouch CamoLux is a full intermediate sinking line, with a sink rate of 1.5-2.0 inches per second (ips). In addition to the ultra-low stretch core, the line features a “hang marker” built into the fly line that is 13 feet from the front end to help anglers gauge when to start the cast or when to fish the hang. The line is a clear camo color for maximum stealth. 
RIO’s new InTouch Midge Tip Long is a floating line with a six-foot intermediate tip that is ideal for anglers wanting to fish in the top layer of the water column. The short intermediate tip sinks at about 1.5 ips, making it ideal for fishing between 1 and 3 feet deep. The clear camo intermediate tip transitions smoothly into a floating melon colored body. A brief video, produced by RIO, called “How to Fish with a MidgeTip Line” explains the benefits of these short, intermediate tip fly lines.

How to Fish with a MidgeTip Line from RIO Products on Vimeo.

The new InTouch Sub-surface lines extend the range of technically advanced fly lines developed specifically for the lake fly fisher, complementing the popular InTouch full sinking lines. All InTouch lines are made with RIO’s ultra-low stretch ConnectCore to ensure maximum sensitivity to the bite and lightning-fast hook sets. In addition, the supple core and coating keeps the lines relaxed and tangle-free, while a neat, bullet-proof welded loop on the front allows for fast rigging.
InTouch Sub-surface lines have an MSRP of $79.95 and can be found at any RIO dealer. Watch this video for more stillwater fishing tips.

How to Fly Fish - Stillwater Tips from RIO Products on Vimeo.