Fd: Can you tell us a bit about how the idea of setting up a fly-fishing operation came up?

The Red Rock Ranch has 2 ½ miles of Crystal Creek running through the private property.
The ranch owners have improved the stream to be an amazing stretch of water for ranch guests and for guide services in a limited capacity.

The idea of the enhanced fishing habitat came from David MacKenzie, an avid fly fisherman.
Part of his dream was to create an area for novices and experienced anglers to have access to a private, lightly fished habitat that offered a variety of challenges for all abilities.

Fd: Why do you think every fly fisherman should fish the Snake River area at least once?

Crystal Creek is a tributary of the Gros Ventre River that feeds into the Snake River, a world known fishery.
This area, the Snake River drainage, draws anglers from all over the world.
And the lesser know tributaries are some of the true gems for Anglers.

Fd: During which months is the season open over there?

The best fishing for Crystal Creek seems to be from mid-July through early October.

Fd: What are the top 5 flies that should be included in our boxes?

Some of the top flies would be pale morning dun, elk hair parachute Adams , Chernobyl ant, water walkers with legs and most hoppers in foam with varied underbelly colors

Fd: How's the programme for a typical fly-fishing day?

The water does not typically “turn on” till late morning.
So, after a fantastic breakfast and a great cup of coffee in front of the fire in the lodge.
Pack a lunch of your choice and head out for the day, or we offer lunch daily in the lodge dining room.

If you want to fish in the am come back and have a wonderful lunch, then head back out for the 3-minute commute to the private water.
We have cocktail hour starting at 5:00 till dinner at 6:45.
Although most of the best fishing happens in the late afternoon so the Anglers must choose between happy hour telling fish stories with the other guests and late afternoon hatches and rising Snake River Cutthroat.

Fd: How is the lodging in terms of accommodation and facilities?

We have 10 cabins that are 1 bedroom 1 bath, and 2-bedroom 2 bath cabins and a few 3-bedroom 2 bath cabins.
They all have electric heat, a charming wood stove for ambiance, mini fridge, coffee maker and sitting area.

Fd: How long before should anglers contact the lodge for reservations?

We tend to book up 6-8 months up in advance for the prime weeks of July and through most of August.
And our late August through September will fill up more 3 months out.

Fd: Any other advice for those visiting your area?

We are 1 hour from Jackson Hole and any guide services that offer float trips on the Snake.

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