Today I'll talk about white fish spawning such as Nase (March to May), Barbel (May to June) and Chub (april to June).

Spawning depends on the temperature of the water and is usually done on the same spots and locations. Nase always return to the same spawning grounds in a school of fish, however dam building and other sorts of river regulation threaten their spawning locations. Due to human interferance with changing river flow that is depositing river silt, the number of Nase is slowly declining in Slovenia as their main source of food – water grass, is disappearing. In some countries Nase is protected as it is the main source of food for Danube Salmon or Huchen as it is also known.

Nase is a very important fish for maintaining the ecosystem as it plays a huge role in providing food for predatory fish such as Trouts and Danube Salmon. Once Danube Salmon is born it starts feeding on Nase even as a fry, which singinifes how important Nase is to the ecosystem of freshwater fish in Slovenia.

An underwater video of Nase, Chub, Rainbow Trout with a cameo of Huchen / Danube Salmon can be watched here:

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