Conservation project


About the project

The association formed by fly fishermen of the Espinillos River has been dedicated for over 24 years. They aim to conserve the wildlife that resides along the eight kilometers of this beautiful river, from its headwaters to its confluence with the smaller Acequicitas stream. Fly fishing is the way they promote their love for nature and conservation. Thanks to their efforts, the waters have an abundant rainbow trout population.

It is an example of how to effectively manage water resources, with a model that could be replicated in other environments of Argentina and the world. The Espinillos Group uses one ranger that patrols the area together with members of the group in order to check the visitor’s fishing licenses. His salary, as well as every expense, is maintained by the members of the group of around twenty people.

In their cabin, there is a sign that reads: “Because the passion shared by a bunch of men struggling together for a dream holds an irrepressible force, and because a dose of romanticism is required to achieve a goal they may seem unreachable.”

How to Help

You can contact the Group here. They will inform you about the project and the different ways in which you can help.