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Slovenia Logatec, Slovenia

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Simon Urbas (born 8.11.1988), who comes from a town called Logatec in Slovenia, is a fly tyer and a fly fisherman, he is also a rocket and aircraft modeller, an engineer and a rock musician.
At about the age of four Simon was introduced to fishing by his father who bought him a line and a hook. After that day he started dreaming about the sea world that surrounded the island Susak (Sansego) where his family was on holidays at the time.
Later on Simon was fishing a lot on small streams around his home town. In teenage years he was introduced to the river Unica by his friends, where they spent a lot of summer days swimming and fishing for carp and pike. In these years he got interested in fly tying, which he learned about in the book The lore of sportfishing by Tre Tryckare – E. Cagner. An View more...


Brook trout, Brown trout, Carp, Catfish, Chub, Danube Salmon - Hucho Hucho, Grayling , Marble Trout, Pike, Rainbow trout

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Bosanski / Босански, Hrvatski, English, Deutsch, Русский

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Logatec, Slovenia

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