Chris Hendriks

Norway Trysil, Hedmark, Norway


Trysil has got everything for the beginner to the advanced fishermen. It is not a place to look for the trophyfish. But we do have an average size of 35 cm grayling in our river and quite ogten the 40+cm is reached as well. We offer you great fishing for wild fish in great scenery without meeting to many fishermen, most of the time you are completely alone! Every kindd of fishing is possible and if you want the complete fishing experience and learn a lot of different things in beautifull surroundings then Trysil is the place to be! We got very small creeks, tributaries and the big Trysil river at your disposal.


Brown trout, Grayling

Spoken Languages

Nederlands, English, Deutsch, Norsk, Svenska

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Trysil, Hedmark, Norway

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