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Honduras Roatan, Bay Islands, Honduras
At Mango Creek Lodge we have 6 over-the-water cabanas and are a boat-in only location. We are all-inclusive, including all meals & beverages. We have 4 local fishing guides, all born & raised here on Roatan and all have been fishing their entire lives. We offer some of the best pristine flats fly fishing in the Caribbean. We are open year-round and cater to your wants and needs.

In Roatan you can fish for: Bonefish, Permit, Tarpon , and Snook. It offers a unique combination of plentiful, healthy flats beneath a backdrop of lush, mountainous terrain, and Mango Creek Lodge is ideally situated to take advantage of both. Located in secluded Port Royal on Roatan’s East End, Mango Creek Lodge is close to Roatan’s most productive flats for fishing for Bonefishing and Permit. In  View more...

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Roatan, Bay Islands, Honduras

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Permit are here and waiting for you! - Mango Creek Lodge
Raining, the Tarpon's preference! - Mango Creek Lodge
Catching a Barracuda, not for the faint at heart! - Mango Creek Lodge
Jack on the fly.......beautiful! -Mango Creek Lodge
Jack in your it! - Mango Creek Lodge
Walking the flats in front of Mango Creek where bonefish abound!
Fishing from our skiffs. - Mango Creek Lodge
Kayak from your cabana to walk the Breakfast Flats. - Mango Creek Lodge
Hello there Mr. Bonefish. - Mango Creek Lodge
What is at the end of this bamboo fly rod?? - Mango Creek Lodge
Who is happier the angler or the guide? - Mango Creek Lodge
Maybe not a bad day in the rain. - Mango Creek Lodge
How many Bonefish can you catch in a day? - Mango Creek Lodge
Walking the flats for Bonefish - Mango Creek Lodge
Isn't this a pretty Permit picture! - Mango Creek Lodge

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