Barraco Lodge

Chile Rio Puelo, Rio Puelo, Chile


Located on 150 acres bordering Lake Tagua Tagua and the Puelo River, Barraco Lodge is ideally located to explore the natural treasures of northern Patagonia and the Pacific coast: wild rivers, waterfalls, hidden lakes, glaciers, volcanos, granite cliffs, and some of the oldest rain forests in the world.

Barraco is a typical Patagonian style lodge, built entirely with local craftsmen and materials. The renovation of the main house, 1940 colonial style, was directed by Edward Rojas, an authority in regional architecture. His philosophy is to build in harmony with the surroundings.

Barraco is one of the best equipped lodges in the region, with helicopters, motor boats, kayaks, river rafts, and horses. Professional guides are available for fly fishing, river rafting, hiking, camping, horseba View more...


Chinook salmon, Rainbow trout, Brown trout

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Rio Puelo, Rio Puelo, Chile

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