Pescador Solitario

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Argentina High Parana, Corrientes, Corrientes, Argentina


Pescador Solitario is Spanish for Solitary Angler and the name means everything. We do not like crowds! Mark Cowan began saltwater fly-fishing and outfitting about twenty five years ago, dedicating the time and money necessary to find the next great undiscovered fly-fishing destinations. This has expanded well beyond saltwater, as you will read below. We believe that to create a life event, you have to create a life event situation. That is what we do for you in our fishing efforts.

Mark Cowan and Raquel Moncada live in Taos, New Mexico, and are the owners of Pescador Solitario, LLC. Mark has been fly fishing since the age of five and has traveled the world searching for the next, unspoiled destinations. Guiding and outfitting for 26 years, he has fly-fishe View more...


Golden Dorado, Pacu, Pira Pita, Piranha, Brook trout, Brown trout, Landlocked Salmon, Rainbow trout, Barracuda, Bonefish, Jacks, Mangrove Snapper - Gray Snapper, Other Species, Permit, Snook - Robalo, Tarpon, Triggerfish, Catfish, Tigerfish, Black Drum, Cobia, False Albacore - Little Tunny, Flounder, Jacks, Mangrove Snapper - Gray Snapper, Other Species, Redfish, Sheepshead, Snook - Robalo, Spanish Mackerel, Spotted Seatrout, Tarpon, False Albacore - Little Tunny, Jacks, Other Species, Permit, Snook - Robalo, Spanish Mackerel, Tarpon

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Description (High Parana, Corrientes, Corrientes, Argentina)

ARGENTINA – WHAT IF…you could fish some of the most beautiful trout rivers and lakes in the world, and the next week be in your flats-wear casting to fish that eat piranhas for a living, or a 25 pound creature that eats mostly fruit and fights like a saltwater fish, hooked on a floating bumble bee pattern. And…the whole while you will be enjoying the finest Argentine cuisine, wines, and hospitality. The Argentina experience combining these two fisheries is our DREAM trip.
Down in ARGENTINA the Refugio Amokañy is in its third season and doing great. Pinti, our head guide, worked with a local property owner to develop this incredible fishing lodge right on the water. This is a spectacular setting on the High Parana River, and it is relatively easy to get to. Seasoned clients at t View more...


High Parana, Corrientes, Corrientes, Argentina

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Dorado, in the tailwater fishery of the High Parana
Big Parana Dorado
Love these fish
Another fine fish release
Pira Pita eat bumble bee patterns
Rough neighborhood
Pacu, the permit of Argentina
Another 20 pound dorado!
Visit Iquazu Falls as part of your trip!
You always have company on the High Parana

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