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Patagonia Outfitters was founded by Jorge Trucco in 1978, the first and No.1 outfitting organization in Patagonia for over 4 decades. Nobody has our knowledge, experience and equipment.
Patagonia Outfitters has pioneered and perfected the guided trout experience in Argentina from scratch and has been running world class programs for four decades now.
Patagonia Outfitters is not just one lodge either, with a closely held collection of more than 10 unique lodges and 4 different watersheds in a territory covering over 10,000 square miles, clients won't spend their valuable fishing vacation waiting for conditions to improve. Patagonia Outfitters will customize a fishing stay ---whether it is four days or fourteen, and whether you are a hard-core trouter whose idea of a fishing trip is eat--s View more...


Brook trout, Brown trout

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Description (Patagonia Outfitters, San Martin de los Andes, Neuquen, Argentina)

The region around the towns of San Martin and Junín de los Andes in northern Patagonia is the richest fly fishing area in Argentina due to the immense abundance of diverse fisheries and the profuse variety of fly fishing options found in it. You can fish over 15 rivers and 20 lakes within 2 hours driving distance. What’s more, fishing pressure is very low by any standards; Patagonia is one of the few lightly populated vast territories left in the world today.
Patagonia is a land of breathtaking landscapes that can go from the heavily forested Andes Mountains to the drier Patagonian steppe and the high desert. Wildlife is interesting and profuse and the fishing is highly rewarding.


Patagonia Outfitters, San Martin de los Andes, Neuquen, Argentina

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