Library Fishing Report Allegheny River

Allegheny River

From: 08/30/2017
To: 08/30/2017
Type of Water: Freshwater
Species: Muskie
Wednesday August 30, Sunny with daytime temperature of high 77deg and low temperature of 72deg. This particular watershed is an outflow of a local reservoir and it has a soft silty bottom so the water clarity is always minimal at best. This day was on the better end of that discolored water spectrum.

I started fishing around 9:30 am ET on a stretch of water that is known to hold some Musky. This particular spot has some deep pools with some thick weed lines that the fish like to hold in. I always like to start off using Tony Sandrones 12" Kraken in Perch color. This fly has the "slim wiggle tail" on it and it usually will attract any active Musky into at least checking it out. I worked my fly on the edges of the deep water weed lines, making sure not to miss a single possible hiding View more...


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