Library Fishing Report Allegheny River

Allegheny River

From: 07/03/2018
To: 07/03/2018
Type of Water: Freshwater
Species: Muskie
The theme for this Spring and the early part of the Summer has been rain!! I'm talking torrential downpour type rain that renders Rivers and Streams unfishable within a few short minutes. Needless to say it has put a big damper on our Musky fishing.

With that said I was able to get a day with some good water conditions so I ran out to one of our Musky spots to give it a try. This particular body of water has a lot of brush, weeds and fallen trees in it so with flows on the low side I chose to use a top water fly and I knew exactly which one I was going to use. I have been waiting for months to try "Block Head" from Nightmare Musky Flies. I'm a huge fan of the Firetiger color so that is the color I would start with.

I began fishing a stretch that we have caught several fish from in View more...


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