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alpine river

From: 05/07/2016
To: 05/07/2016
Type of Water: Freshwater
Species: Brown trout, Marble Trout
Yesterday's fishing was really tought!
Started early morning around 8 looking for some active fishes maybe on surface before the sun begun to shine on the water..
My pre-plan didn't work so i turned my approach as soon as possible to nymph's fishing which gave me something better...
Anyway the unbelievable low level, crystal clear water didn't help me especially there where the wild marbles and browns are very selective and suspicious!
So shine, sunny and too much hot day for this period on the dolomites increased the difficulty.

I know that river, i have been flyfishing there for many many years so i usually change my approach turning flies till find the right one.. i also used some secret flies tyed up for that special spoy. Yesterday was the small size nymphs/dries time!
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