Library Fishing Report Big Wood River

Big Wood River

From: 08/23/2017
To: 08/23/2017
Type of Water: Freshwater
Species: Rainbow trout, Brown trout, Bull trout, Grayling , Whitefish
“…the fisherman fishes. It is at once an act of humility and a small rebellion. And it is something more. To him, his fishing is an island of reality in a world of dream and shadow.”
– Robert Traver

Now that the shadow of the eclipse seems but a dream, the rivers take a breath and relax. It just so happens that the waters in our area are finally hitting perfect levels for fly fishing…and the schools around the state have just begun. For many, summer is rapidly coming to a close. It is time for fisherman to fish.

Most anglers have started fishing the Creek midday to capitalize on the afternoon Callibaetis and hopper action. However, there is still some morning activity with a few Tricos and Beatis fluttering about. While the early fishing is slow, you will fin View more...


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