Library Fishing Report Clarrie Hall Dam

Clarrie Hall Dam

From: 10/27/2018
To: 10/27/2018
Type of Water: Freshwater
Species: Smallmouth Bass

In years gone by, whenever I went fishing I would always bring a fly rod. But more often than not it would stay stashed away in it’s tube and instead I would fish all day with spin gear. Why, because I simply had more confidence in catching fish with lures. After all, a fish can feel the vibration of a lure from a much greater distance than a fly right? But as I grow older the tables have turned. I now find myself reaching for the fly rod for the majority of my fishing. Initially it was because I love the challenge, but to my surprise I seem to be catching more fish on the feather & fluff.

It would be nonsensical to say a fly will out fish a lure every time. Or visa versa. Every situation in fishing is different. But at Clarrie Hall Dam, I am definitely noticing a patte View more...


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