Library Fishing Report darwin Harbour

darwin Harbour

From: 11/19/2016
To: 11/19/2016
Type of Water: Saltwater
Species: Other Species
As we were travelling in boat between locations offshore of Darwin Harbour NT Australia - off to our left I spy a flash of something floating in the water in the choppy waves
We circle back to have a look
It looks like a dead fish floating on the surface in amongst the algae surface scum

Peter casts his big 'dark side' knife jig near it - it does nothing.
Despite my bagging him about it never reacting to the lure - he casts again
Is it actually dead?
But no - proving me wrong again - the fish chases the big lure across the surface to right near the boat
Before it dives out of sight and we think its over
But a few moments later we spy it again playing doggo on the surface a little further away

This wakes me up from my stupor of trolling lures - instantly
I grab a rigged fly ro View more...


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