Place: Ente
From: 01/16/2018
To: 01/16/2018
Type of Water: Freshwater
Species: Rainbow trout, Brown trout, Barbel, Chub
When you’re sweating under your shirt and imagining the pleasant breeze out there…

When you’re dreaming and thinking of the pleasant landscape of our rivers…

When you’re busy trying to follow the intrigued paths of the web… and an email pops up grabbing your attention…

“Ciao! I go fishing… what about you?”

Suddenly the breeze becomes reality. The paths of the web vanish in the midst of memory and the shirt immediately gets dry and you are on the move.

“When? Where?…”

“Tomorrow. Do you remember the small stream we visited two weeks ago? I’d like to pay another visit…”

River Ente is not a second-hand destination and is a good choice for this period of the year (mid summer) and if you want to try difficult fish and hard environment.

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Osvaldo Velo

Osvaldo Velo

Guide, Fly Tying instructor, Casting instructor - Italy