Library Fishing Report Esteros del Ibera

Esteros del Ibera

From: 10/08/2015
To: 10/12/2015
Type of Water: Freshwater
Species: Golden Dorado
Esteros del Ibera saw a good start to the season, even considering the tough weather conditions that were seen in the marsh over this period. The weather was extremely cold, windy and raining through the weekend however still produced a number of fish due to the warm water remaining from the previous week of sun. Therefore on the first day the a total of 8 fish were caught in the marsh and river. A fish of 8.5kg (19lb) made an appearance which is a particularly nice fish for the marsh. However as the water level increased with the rain, the fish began to switch off due to the cooler water entering into the system. The catch report included: 1 x 8.5kg 2 x 3kg 2 x 2kg 3 x 1kg This has been a good start to the season considering the conditions of the marsh and looks good for some big fish this season.


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