Library Fishing Report Everglades national park

Everglades national park

From: 05/01/2019
To: 05/25/2019
Type of Water: Saltwater
Species: Tarpon, Snook - Robalo, Redfish, Spotted Seatrout, Other Species
Spring variety

Capt. Alex Zapata
May 25, 2019
Flamingo - Saltwater Fishing Report

Spring time means busy tarpon season for most flats guides in Florida. However, not every day during the season offers ideal conditions for tarpon fishing... weather conditions such as cloud cover, rain, wind and fish whereabouts can make tarpon fishing difficult some days to say the least.

Those days always offer better chances of success for other species if you're able to adapt and adjust. Also, I get a few clients that are either not interested in big tarpon fishing or that don't have the necessary casting skills (flyfishing) and want to get started with "easier" targets. Those clients usually get rewarded with really good fishing.

I've been out mixing it up a bit in the park, putting client View more...


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