Library Fishing Report Streams and small lakes

Streams and small lakes

From: 10/01/2014
To: 10/27/2014
Type of Water: Freshwater
Species: Rainbow trout
KZN Midlands, Trout:

October has been a difficult month to pin down. I say that because of the weather, and as you by now know, I comment as much in these columns on the weather as I do on the fishing, because they are so intertwined. October’s weather reports are as varied as the characters delivering them. That is not because all fishermen (and weathermen) are liars, but because the fortunes of each valley have been so varied. What all the liars will agree on however, is that none of the pictures of flash floods emanate from the berg catchments. “Not true!” Simon Bunn would say: their hatchery in the Mlambonjwa valley suffered a 100mm storm and a flash flood 3 weeks ago!
But besides that event, the storms in the berg in these parts have mostly fizzled out and been replaced by View more...


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