Library Fishing Report Florida Keys

Florida Keys

From: 01/12/2017
To: 01/12/2017
Type of Water: Saltwater
Species: Tarpon
Tarpon season in the keys

Every spring in Florida and the keys , we get to witness one of the most spectacular and exciting angling events in the fishing world: the annual tarpon migration. These fish begin their migratory journey south to the Florida keys, for their annual spawning ritual, coming from places as far north as Virginia in the Atlantic coast and Texas in the northern Gulf of Mexico.

Starting around early March, millions of fish start flooding the inlets, passes, bridges and backcountry areas of south Florida and the Everglades. By mid April, these fish start moving out of those staging areas in big groups and begin their southbound journey along the ocean side shorelines and flat edges of the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico.
While traveling southbound, These f View more...


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