Library Fishing Report Hurunui River

Hurunui River

From: 11/10/2019
To: 11/16/2019
Type of Water: Freshwater
Species: Brown trout
In typical fashion the Kiwi spring has not disappointed. It has been wet and windy. Front coming from the Tasman sea, south west have put on damper on the most enthousiast ones.
Finding clear water with a good level was the hardest part for all fly fishing aficionado.
Only the experience and the knowledge of professional fishing guide would have allowed anglers to find the secret creek, stream where casting a line would have been possible. I have the pleasure to share few days with two great clients and they had a bal. Fish where hungry every time and though most of the fishing was done with a combo dry/ nymph the opportunities of catching fish on dry pattern, being Elk Hair Caddis, were there. In fact 30% of the fish caught where on dry fly. In New Zealand we pride to spot fish and when View more...


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Serge A Bonnafoux

Serge A Bonnafoux

Guide, Casting instructor - New Zealand