Place: islamorada
From: 01/29/2019
To: 01/29/2019
Type of Water: Saltwater
Species: Tarpon
Tarpon season 2019 is right around the corner

The busiest time of the year is coming. starting in mid March, flocks of anglers start arriving to the famous Florida keys in pursuit of what I consider the best and most perfect sport fish on earth: the mighty silver king, Tarpon or sábalo.

Soon, these fish will start arriving in all the coastal areas of south florida and the keys by the thousands. By late March, once the water temperature reaches their desired range, they will start moving south to the keys, creating the most awaited event every year by anglers and guides: The Florida keys tarpon season.

Most people come and book a guide for several days so guides calendars fill up quick and in most cases up to a year in advance as the majority of these bookings come from repeating View more...


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