Krka River

Place: Krka River
From: 04/01/2016
To: 04/01/2016
Type of Water: Freshwater
Species: Rainbow trout, Brown trout
Krka River is the second longest river in Slovenia. Karst beauty, with its distinctive cascades and pools offering excellent natural hiding to native brown trout and rainbow trout.

For the season opening (1st of April is season opening for more or less all fishing districts in Slovenia), Zoran decide to go fishing on the river Krka. The smooth flow of the river Krka, with its calm, filled you with power and energy. At the same time offers you perfect fly fishing pleasure.

Due to lower morning temperature, we decided to head toward the village Krka midmorning.

For Zoran was very important to restore some basic elements of fly fishing. It is passed a quite some time, since the last time Zoran hold in their hand fly fishing rod.

I must say, Zoran hasn't lost his fishing instinct. View more...


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