Lago Yelcho

From: 02/27/2020
To: 02/27/2020
Type of Water: Freshwater
Species: Brown trout
We are at Lake Yelcho, one of the great destinations within northern Patagonia in Chile.
This season, 2019-2020, has had some changes in both the ecosystem and the weather, very drastic pressure changes, high water levels and variable temperatures. But still, the trout are there, they continue to feed in many ways.

Yesterday, February 26th, I decided to go out to the deep coasts and rocky walls in search of the big browns that are usually in this kind of scenarios.

I will start by mentioning that there were many huge beetles (cantarias or ciervo volante, in spanish) everywhere, floating half alive waiting to reach the shore in order to dry up, and to be able to fly and continue searching for a partner to follow their cycle.

Anyway, a lot of cantaria beetles and a slight wind on t View more...


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